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What is the Voter Control of Gambling Amendment?

The Voter Control of Gambling Amendment puts Florida’s future in voters’ hands when it comes to gambling. For far too long, gambling interests have flooded Florida’s political system with campaign contributions and lobbyists. It is time to restore the time-honored standard of requiring voter approval for any casino gambling. Regardless of your position on gambling, we can all agree that it isn’t a decision we should take lightly. That one decision can have a huge impact – on our state, on local communities, on businesses and families. So we should let all Floridians have a say on approving new kinds of gambling in Florida. That’s why we created the Voter Control of Gambling Amendment.

What exactly does the Voter Control of Gambling Amendment do?

The Voter Control of Gambling Amendment puts Florida voters back in control of decisions to approve or disapprove gambling in Florida. As it states in subsection (a) of the amendment:

“This amendment ensures that Florida voters shall have the exclusive right to decide whether to authorize casino gambling in the State of Florida. This amendment requires a vote by citizens’ initiative pursuant to Article XI, section 3, in order for casino gambling to be authorized under Florida law. This section amends this Article; and also affects Article XI, by making citizens’ initiatives the exclusive method of authorizing casino gambling.”

Why do we need the Voter Control of Gambling Amendment?

Gambling is unlike most issues that can be dealt with at the local level. Because of a federal law, called the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA), any gambling made legal in Florida must be given to Native American tribes. Therefore, a decision to install a new game in just one city or facility in Florida puts gambling in other communities across our state that may not have wanted it. So we think it is critical that Floridians are put back in charge of making decisions for our future. Our Voter Control of Gambling Amendment does that.

Who is Voters In Charge?

Voters In Charge is a newly-formed group working to ensure that Florida voters have the final say in whether we have more gambling in our state. Regardless of your position on gambling , we believe that the ultimate authority on this critical decision impacting Floridians should be Florida voters – not Tallahassee politicians