Gambling Interests Opposing Amendment 3 Launch Discredited Campaign – Voters In Charge

Gambling Interests Opposing Amendment 3 Launch Discredited Campaign

Gambling Interests Opposing Amendment 3 Launch Discredited Campaign


September 26, 2018

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Casino Moguls try to hide behind school children

Gambling interests opposing Amendment 3 launch discredited campaign


Orlando, FL – There they go again – gambling interests lying about education funding. It’s an age-old scam and shows how desperate they have become in opposing Amendment 3, which would put voters in charge of casino gambling.

The casino conglomerates claim that leaving their lobbyists and politicians in charge of gambling will boost funding for public schools, whereas putting voters in charge will deplete funding.

“These are the same people who promised slot machines would provide $500 million a year for education – a promise never fulfilled,” said John Sowinski, president of Voters in Charge, which is behind Amendment 3. “Now they claim that giving voters a voice on gambling will hurt schools.  It is a cynical play by casino interests to exploit the public’s support for public education.”

Floridians were promised that the Florida Lottery was going to be a jackpot for schools. In truth, all the Lottery did was allow politicians to subtract their contribution to public education so funding didn’t go up at all. Florida now ranks 42ndnationally in school funding and teacher pay.

In a 2004 referendum campaign, the casino interests promised $500 million a year in education funding if they were allowed to put slot machines in South Florida pari-mutuels? They got their slots but have never come close to meeting even half that goal. And the money comes from the casinos, once again, is simply subtracted from the state’s contribution to education.  Claims in their video ad and direct mail pieces have little basis in reality, even making the false claim that Amendment 3 would shut down slot machine operations that voters approved.

“Putting voters in charge of gambling does not affect school funding.  It just means that decisions about expansion will be made deliberately and transparently, not by lobbyists and politicians in backrooms.”

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