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Column: Casino-schools confusion

Column: Casino-schools confusion

By Scott Maxwell

Orlando Sentinel Columnist


We’ve seen a lot of lies this campaign season.

But we’ve also seen some ads that are just eye-rolling ridiculous. Here are two of the leaders in ludicrousness.

Casino-schools confusion

We start with the campaign against Amendment 3, the casino amendment.

I’m actually voting against Amendment 3 myself. So I should be cheering on the anti-3 campaign.

Maybe you’ve seen these ads — cherubic-faced schoolchildren, begging you not to vote for this amendment because it will strip schools of funding.

“Schools give our kids a brighter future,” the ad claims. “But that could vanish under Florida’s amendment 3.”

That statement is total nonsense. Amendment 3 has nothing to do with schools.

This amendment says no new casino could open anywhere in Florida without approval from voters statewide. That’s it.

Now, I guess one could argue that any business that doesn’t open also doesn’t pay taxes … a portion of which would go to schools. But that argument is such a stretch, it would make Elastigirl pop.

There are legitimate reasons to question this amendment. My biggest beefs are state control over local issues and that the entities funding it — Disney and the Seminole Tribe — are really just trying to thwart competition. Obviously the Tribe doesn’t have altruistic objections to casinos. (It’s the largest casino operator in the state.) It’s opposed to the idea of a new competitor offering cheaper rooms or better games.

But this ad campaign doesn’t make honest arguments. Instead, it uses children as pawns to con voters into thinking this amendment is about something it’s not.


Scott Maxwell column “Casino-schools confusion”


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