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Florida Amendment 3 and High Voter Support

Florida Amendment 3 and High Voter Support

Why is it that Amendment 3 enjoys a vast amount of support from Florida voters, including those who support and oppose gambling?Florida Amendment 3

Simply put, it’s because Florida Amendment 3 is about returning the power to decide casino gambling proposals to The People. Amendment 3, also known as the Voter Control of Gambling Amendment, would require a vote by us, the Florida electorate, on any future gambling decisions in our state. This takes the power to make casino gambling decisions away from Tallahassee politicians, and the casino gambling lobbyists who influence them, and puts the power back in the hands of Florida’s voters.

So why do we need Amendment 3 to give the power back to Florida voters anyway?

Because Tallahassee politicians have been ignoring Florida’s constitution these last few years and a constitutional amendment is the only way to stand up to them. Will you stand with us against Tallahassee politicians? Do you trust yourself, not Tallahassee politicians, to make casino gambling decisions? If so, then we need your support by voting YES on Amendment 3 this November.

And guess what, when Amendment 3 passes in November, Tallahassee politicians will have more time to focus on important issues – like education, healthcare, roads, and our environment. Join us to put Voters in Charge!

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