Palm Beach Post Recommends ‘YES’ on Amendment 3 – Voters In Charge

Palm Beach Post Recommends ‘YES’ on Amendment 3

Palm Beach Post Recommends ‘YES’ on Amendment 3


Just one other of the 12 amendments on the ballot arrived there by citizen petition. That’s Amendment 3, which, true to its origin, would require that all approvals of new casino gambling be made through a citizen-initiative constitutional amendment.

In effect, this amendment removes the Florida Legislature from approving new casinos — an understandable response to state lawmakers’ spectacular inability over the last few years to deliver on gambling issues.

The Legislature would still oversee, regulate and tax gambling that voters approve. And lawmakers would still be in charge of okaying other types of gambling, such as poker rooms, bingo, lottery and fantasy sports.

The amendment is backed heavily by the Seminole Tribe, Walt Disney Co. and the group No Casinos Inc. As that implies, the necessity to mount statewide petition and election campaigns will make it very hard for new casinos to crop up in Florida, effectively handing the Seminoles a monopoly for their existing casinos and keeping tourism focused on family-friendly attractions.

We don’t view that as such a bad thing. Vote “Yes” on Amendment 3.


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